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31 - Aug - 2021

Kingsley and Matias, managers of the nutrition centre in Balaka, talk about their experience with the residents of a village near the city.

Kingsley and Matias, together with Esnart and Innocencia (other DREAM staff) met the villagers in the immediate vicinity of the Balaka nutritional centre to explain to them the importance of having the COVID19 vaccine.

We had a meeting in a village close to the nutritional centre,” Kingsley says, “fortunately the village chief was available and we encouraged the villagers to get vaccinated, to keep their social distance and to wash their hands regularly. Unfortunately, on the issue of vaccination, many people were reluctant because of false rumours in the village. In fact, even the head of the village has not yet received the vaccine, but he confided in us that he will encourage his people to take it when it arrives’.

Matias then informed us that: “since mid-August, the vaccination in Malawi is being administered in many places, not only in health facilities and this gives hope, as it is expected to help give widespread immunisation throughout the territory.
Before saying goodbye, we advised them that we should work hand in hand to teach the children good behaviour”.

Thanks to this meeting, the people in the village were happy and reassured by the news they had received.


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