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07 - Oct - 2021

The commitment of Noubar Afeyan, founder of Moderna at #FraternityForFuture

“We can imagine a new world, because we have lived in an unknown world”. Noubar Afeyan, President of the biotechnology company Moderna (Lebanon) and co-founder of the Aurora Prize, speaking at the Sant’Egidio international meeting “Peoples as Brothers, Future Land”, interpreted the expression “faith” as indispensable for “launching oneself into the future”.

When the epidemic began early last year, “leaping forward was a matter of life and death”, with the confidence that RNA technology “would save so many lives”. Moderna intends to go from less than one billion doses of vaccine in 2021 to three billion by 2022 and build a factory in Africa to produce 500 million doses there. Referring to his own family history, Afeyan recalled the creativity of survivors of history’s tragedies, of migrants who sought new ways to save others.


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