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11 - Apr - 2022

On the occasion of World Health Day, Paola Germano, director of DREAM, talks about the achievements of the programme in 20 years of presence in Africa.

The DREAM Programme, created for the prevention and treatment of AIDS, the HIV virus and its “silent slaughter”, has used its experience to treat other diseases. During the Covid-19 pandemic, DREAM applied its health standards to ensure vaccination, thanks to supporters, many of whom were involved in the fundraising campaign set up by Coop that made it possible to reach thousands of beneficiaries in Africa.

Speaking from the DREAM centre in Zimpeto, visited by Pope Francis on his trip to Mozambique in 2019, Paola Germano emphasises the importance of spreading a culture of health, to prevent the answers of science and medicine from being thwarted by fake news: a challenge that the programme has faced since its beginnings, to save as many lives as possible.

An interview with Paola Germano, director of the DREAM Programme.





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