HomeDREAMA special last day of school for the children of the Beira escolinha in Mozambique
05 - Jan - 2023

On the last day of the escolinha of our little friends from the Beira Nutritional Centre in Mozambique, our activists Josefa, Fatima and Luarinda, as well as reference and educational figures of our friends, organised a day of celebration for them.

Thanks to the tailors of the costura school, who sewed doges and caps in a few days, and to the printing of the certificate of participation in the school personalised for each child with their own personal photo, the children had the opportunity to experience this recognition for their scholastic commitment and excellent results before embarking on another stage in their schooling at the beginning of the new year.

It was a day where the children and the whole community played, danced and shared a new and enriching experience.

The enthusiasm and joy of our friends can be seen in the photos we took of them as we observed their big smiles and lit-up eyes.

Proud of their growth and the knowledge they have acquired, we send them our sincerest and warmest wishes for their journey through life, remaining with our educators at their side.


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