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The project “DREAM LAB: guaranteeing quality diagnostic services in Malawi” supports the laboratory of the “Elard Alumando” centre in Blantyre. This is a very important reality, able to carry out haematology, biochemistry, viral load, Early Infant Diagnosis, tuberculosis with Microscope and GeneXpert, resistance tests, and has highly qualified personnel.
This project guarantees an irreplaceable service to more than 6,000 people, helping to increase universal coverage of essential health services.
Furthermore, thanks to “DREAM LAB: guaranteeing quality diagnostic services in Malawi”, the laboratory of the Elard Alumando health centre will continue to provide biochemical, haematology, viral load, EID, tuberculosis and drug resistance tests for all the patients of the health centres run by the Community of St Egidio and Peace and Development Trust partnership. These are located in Blantyre, Kapeni, Chileka, Machinjiri and Mpemba and offer free health services for people living with HIV.
The project is coordinated by a team made up of a coordinator, an M&E expert and an administrative manager.


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