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The overall goal of the initiative “CHAO study (Comorbidities in HIV/AIDS Outpatients): an epidemiological research to reduce mortality of HIV patients in Kenya” is to improve the health of the population in Kenya.
4.5% of the adult population in Kenya is living with HIV. In the country, HIV is the leading cause of death among people 15-49 years old.

Among the gaps highlighted by national documents emerges the need to improve the quality of life and survival of patients with HIV (Kenya AIDS Strategic Framework 2). In particular it is emphasized the need to integrate HIV services with other health services to counteract any co-morbidity. In addition, it is highlighted the scarcity of reliable epidemiological data on these diseases in patients with HIV, data needed to plan appropriate health interventions (Kenya HIV & AIDS Research Agenda). The country’s request to the Global Fund (Funding Request Application Form, 2016) also emphasized the need for greater integration of HIV services with other health services for the diagnosis and management of co-morbidities.

For these reasons, the specific objective chosen is to improve the capacity of the Kenya Ministry of Health in promoting quality health services that integrate HIV services with services for various co-morbidities.
This goal will be sought to be achieved through the realization of a single outcome: making active screening services available for key co-morbidities of HIV patients in all primary level facilities in Meru County in the context of an operational research.


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