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Meeting of the I DREAM Movement
09 - Nov - 2010

 On a Friday of the hot dry season of October, the DREAM patients of Usa River arrived at our center for a meeting. Many came from far away.

Usa River is located on the road between Arusha and the Kilimanjaro airport, an area of rural villages where the patients come from.
We talked about the joy of being together despite the disease.

So many happy faces, so many witnesses of a long story of friendship and healing.
In fact many patients wanted to talk not only about their personal story, but also about their desire to help others.
So, Philip, the grandfather of a small patient of ours, has told about his gratitude after having seen his grandson healed and, due to it, has committed to talk of DREAM in his village so that other children may be saved.

A young woman has introduced herself saying: “I am the mother of three children who were born within the DREAM program, and all three are healthy” as a witness of the victory of life and hope over the disease.

Jane has told that she spoke of DREAM in her village and of how many people came to the center to start treatment.

Many have participated telling about their wish to overcome the fear of talking about AIDS, suggesting the organization of meetings in their parish churches or in their villages.

Together it is possible to overcome fear. During the meeting the wish to talk, to tell and to share a common concern was touchable. Together we have come to wish for another meeting. Next time though there is the desire to invite friends, neighbors, relatives who don’t know about DREAM yet. The chosen day will be December first, the world day against AIDS.

It will not be just a meeting but instead a great party with dances and singing to celebrate the joy of life and the hope of a new found life.



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