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14 - Nov - 2010

On November 3, Günter Nooke, special envoy for Africa of Chancellor Angela Merkel, has visited the “Centro para a Criança” of the DREAM program in Maputo, as part of his mission in Mozambique.

Günter Nooke was accompanied by a delegation from the German Embassy and Cooperation of the German Government.

Amongst the main concerns of the mission, which has spread to Malawi and Swaziland, a priority was to assess possible strategies of the German Government to fight AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa.

During the visit to the DREAM Center, specialized in the treatment of HIV positive children, several topics were discussed: the supply of anti-retroviral drugs, the need for advanced diagnostics including the assessment of the viral load, the integration of the DREAM Program within the network of the national health care.

The possibility of financial support to the DREAM Program from the Global Fund and the European Cooperation was also discussed.

The German delegation spoke at length with managers and health professionals of the Center and listened with great interest the story of Cacilda Massango, an “activist” of “Eu DREAM“, about the work of this Movement in favor of HIV positive subjects and in defense of their civil rights.

With regard to this, they also discussed the need to support the women living with HIV positive as a pivot of the Mozambican civil society to win the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa and in this Country.


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