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17 - Nov - 2010

It is the moment to sum up and make a quick consideration on some issues particularly eloquent.

Dream Software, the computer software that collects activity data of the 36 DREAM centers now widespread in 10 African sub-Saharan countries has reported that in our treatment centers have been performed a million doctor visits.

One million visits, a million handshakes, a million appointments carried out.

It is a significant milestone that suggests a few considerations. It is not just a round number but it is a number that sheds light on a reality, that of DREAM, which is increasingly becoming a model to which many look at with interest.

If we look inside each of these visits we find a job done on time, an attention to each and every patient: one million of measurement of body weight, a million of pressure values, of temperature, a million of drug prescriptions, a million of symptoms and diagnosis, a million of notations written for each patient and, above all, a million appointments to deliver the medication with millions of tablets given out.

A million of meetings, of smiles, of medical appointments, apparently similar but in fact all different, customized for each patient.

It is a significant number, eloquent of painstaking work in exponential growth, which has involved to today more than 100.000 patients; among them we should not forget the 12.000 healthy children born to HIV positive mothers who represent a new generation that may witness a renaissance for the African continent.


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