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26 - Jan - 2011

Last January 25, Leonardo Palombi, Professor of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health of the University of Tor Vergata in Rome and Scientific Director of the DREAM program, while visiting Guinea, held a conference in Conakry, at the Donka hospital, a university facility which is a frame of reference for the country.

The aim of the Conference was to share with the leaders of the Guinean Ministry of Health, the International Agencies operating in the country and the teachers of the faculty of medicine dealing with AIDS, the results achieved by the DREAM program in Guinea, from 2006 to today, in the struggle to prevent the transmission of the HIV virus from mother to child.

The meeting represented an opportunity for a reflection at a country level of how to develop a new common strategy to reduce the mortality of so many mothers and, at the same time manage to give birth to a new generation of children without AIDS.

Many participants have asked the DREAM program to establish a strong partnership to support the training of Guinean doctors, nurses and laboratory staff involved in the treatment of AIDS, in order to improve their skills and offer patients the same quality of care of the DREAM program, also in the various health facilities in the country.

At the end, the coordinator of ONUSIDA in Guinea, Dr Aschara Bamba, has stressed the importance of this meeting, which allows, after the important scientific results presented, the design of a more effective program at a national level, for the treatment of AIDS.

In this sense, DREAM has been invited to attend the meetings to be held in the coming days, to help in the development of new guidelines for the country’s fight against AIDS.




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