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12 - Jan - 2016


Maputo, Mozambique. Maputo’s Social Service Institute sits next to the Josè Macamo hospital, near the city center. It is the only public institute for the elderly in the Mozambican capital. About thirty elderlies, both men and women, live in two small buildings separated by a concrete courtyard. These are people who live in extreme poverty and who are offered food and shelter. The Institute also offers temporary shelter to street children, pregnant girls or small children.

The days are long, especially for the blind or nursed elderly. It is for this reason that Maria, Beatriz, Pedro, Afonso and all the other guests eagerly await visits from the DREAM activists and Giovani per la Pace (Youths for Peace) that periodically bring their affection, company and some material help.

On New Year’s Eve the activists brought some gifts, making it a special moment: colored cloths      -capulane-, handkerchiefs, toothpaste, soap…and razorblades for men, creams and perfumes for women.

The vivid colors of the capulane, the snacks and the party all framed this moment of celebration and friendship. The Mercy Christmas continues and also reaches many people in the most hidden places.


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