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23 - Jun - 2016

Training course for DREAM’s health workers from 6 African countries


The “Global approach to health” course organized by the DREAM program ended today. It was attended by 32 people from 6 countries: Cameroon, Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The classes took place in the DREAM program’s field office in Rome, in a room crowded with specialists who work in the DREAM centers managed by the Daughters of Charity located in the 6 countries. The main subjects of the course featured an in-depth analysis of the new approach to health of the DREAM program, aimed at providing complete health services to the people afflicted with HIV/AIDS enlisted in the health program. Not only antiretroviral therapy, but also diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis, prevention of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other non-communicable diseases such as tumors. University professors and medical specialists from various universities and hospitals all over Italy, some of whom steadily collaborate with the non-profit organization GHT (Global Health Telemedicine), attended the course offering their knowledge and experience and providing guidelines for the African doctors when dealing with various medical cases. The main subjects included the HIV-tuberculosis and HIV-hepatitis coinfection, the resistance to antiretroviral drugs, dermatological and neurological diseases, and much more.

The course was also an opportunity to compare the different realities of the DREAM program in the 6 countries which participated. An interesting moment of the course was when the attendees answered the questions of the colleagues with their experience on the field, citing practical medical cases and suggesting a course of action.

Each day ended with a visit to the services offered by the Community of Sant’Egidio to migrants, the homeless, the elderly and the poor. These services intervene in support of those most vulnerable, and are carried out in Rome thanks to the commitment of hundreds of volunteers.

Organizing a course for more than 30 people coming from 6 African countries required an enormous effort, and was facilitated thanks to the financial aid received from various donors, among whom are the Fondation Assistance Internationale (FAI), Fondazione Generali and Cooperazione Italiana.



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