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15 - May - 2017

Last 19 April a delegation of Mozambican MPs visited the “Centro para a Criança – Children’s Health Center” in order to better understand the activities carried out by the Community of Sant’Egidio in the fight against AIDS and Tuberculosis through the DREAM Program.

During the visit the delegation proved to be very interested in DREAM’s focus on prevention and its holistic approach to the disease. Furthermore the results achieved in these years were cause of great amazement, particularly the fact that 100% of the children are born healthy under the program for the prevention of the mother-child transmission of the virus.

The MPs then asked the managers of the Program in the country for a report on its activities and the results obtained in these 16 years of activity.

On 5 May Dr. Nurja Majid and Dr. Elsa Mutemba, the managers of the DREAM health centers in Mozambique, were invited to a session of the Assembly of the Republic regarding the state of the HIV infection in Mozambique. Part of the Assembly was in fact dedicated to the results obtained by DREAM and its efficient treatment model. Moreover everyone was reminded how DREAM was the first to introduce antiretroviral drugs in the country and open its molecular biology laboratories for monitoring the treatment of AIDS in Mozambique.

Towards the end of the session the Community of Sant’Egidio received a special “thank you” for its invaluable support offered through DREAM to the health of the Mozambican people.


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