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23 - Jun - 2017

The agreement between DREAM and the Association “Bambini del Danubio” in support of the Program in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been renewed

The DREAM Program is present in the DRC since 2009 in Mbandakà and since 2011 in Kinshasa with the opening of the Floribert Bwana Center, built thanks to the contribution of the Association “Bambini del Danubio” and the Assicurazioni Generali Group.

The Association “Bambini del Danubio” and its President, Dr. Sergio Balbinot, have always supported the development of the DREAM Program in the country over the years with their practical support and necessary solidarity. The wish to treat the less fortunate by adopting modern methods and approaches of excellence, cost-free, have linked the Association “Bambini del Danubio” and the DREAM Community of Sant’Egidio foundation from the start. The two associations found themselves close and supportive of one another, sharing the work and the hope to make treatment available to the underprivileged sick, such as in Congo or children coming from poor countries, who are treated free of charge in Italy.

Thanks to this friendship and practical support, guaranteed by the Association “Bambini del Danubio”, the DREAM Program today represents in the DRC the best example of a cost-free treatment of excellence against HIV.

In these past few days in view of the spirit of great synergy and collaboration, but also due to the mutual goals, a new agreement was signed, which will allow the DREAM Program to sustain its activities thanks to the necessary resources guaranteed by the Association, allowing the Program to continue treating the sick in Congo.

Over these years of hard work and great friendship with many, DREAM met men and women who made its work possible in Africa amongst the sick. The Association “Bambini del Danubio” was among these from the start.


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