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26 - Jul - 2019

Although HIV is spreading less in Africa, it is still a serious problem, particularly for Malawi. One of the most insidious ways in which HIV continues to spread is through mother-to-child transmission during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding.

Recently the government of Malawi announced the results of vertical prevention in the country.

DREAM’s work in Malawi has been excellent, especially at the DREAM centre in Namandanje, where none of the over 100 children born from HIV+ mothers are themselves HIV+.

Namandanje is in one of the poorest areas of the country and just a few of the homes have running water and electricity. There is only one way to get there; this road is often impossible to use because of the heavy rains like recently with the cyclone Idai.

The result of the DREAM centre in Namandanje represents the hard, loyal and meticulous work that has been carried out, despite the many difficulties. It gives joy and hope, a reminder of the words of Pope Frances on the value of the outskirts of the world.


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