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06 - Aug - 2021

Espaço Aberto is a project financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation that through “youth friendly” awareness campaigns and the presence of specialised personnel is reaching 15,000 people and offering free treatment to 3,500 adolescents and women in four areas of Mozambique: Maputo city and the provinces of Maputo, Sofala and Zambezia.

The aim of the project is to reduce the risk and impact of HIV on young women and adolescents. By introducing and improving a number of measures that address various shortcomings in the national health system, the aim is to increase patient adherence to treatment among adolescents and women.

The “youth friendly” awareness campaign has so far involved numerous young people, and some of them together with activists from the DREAM Sant’Egidio programme have held lessons in some schools in Mozambique to raise awareness of the issue of HIV.

In addition, Espaco aberto, with the help of a psychologist, also involved adolescents who, through support groups, training of health educators and aggregative activities, helped them to understand the initiative and be informed about the different themes of the programme.

“Sometimes, in order to achieve the results we want, we have to overcome obstacles, we have to trust in ourselves because despite everything, only our willpower will keep us going,” said Virginia, a young woman involved in the project activities.

Below are some photos of the awareness-raising campaign, the meetings in schools and the prevention activities.


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