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23 - May - 2023

Covid and war are drastically increasing the cost of living. Today, climate change and the war in Ukraine are putting a strain on the survival of entire communities living in the driest areas of Africa.

DREAM, since its inception, has been established as a program to fight HIV/AIDS and malnutrition at the same time.

DREAM pays special attention to preventing and treating malnutrition in people affected by HIV and in children born to HIV-positive women, distributing food packages to malnourished individuals or those at risk of malnutrition.

Particular attention is also given to the nutritional needs of the mother-child pair.

Improving the quality of nutrition in pregnant women reduces the percentage of underweight babies born and decreases rates of malnutrition in the early months of life.

To provide concrete help with nutrition and thus the growth of many children, DREAM has established 4 nutritional centers where over 4,000 preschool and school-age children receive a complete and nutritious meal every day. These are not simple cafeterias, but real day centers with various activities: medical visits, preschool, bathrooms, and showers for those in need.

Special attention is given to the health education of the little ones because through basic rules, even serious illnesses can be prevented. In addition, educational, entertainment, and support activities for families are scheduled every day.

Support the nutritional centers of the DREAM Program of the Community of Sant’Egidio, and you will transform the lives of many families and their children, ensuring them a better future.



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