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This project aims to improve the living conditions of children in several countries in Africa who live with HIV or who are exposed to the virus.

Thanks to the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of the virus, children can be born healthy. The children who already have HIV are administered the treatment they need in order to improve their health and make sure they are well enough to have a long life. This kind of healthcare is provided at all the DREAM healthcare centres in the areas involved.

The activities include testing and consulting, medical examinations and drug delivery, diagnostic monitoring, distribution of food packages and adherence of the patients, training activities for the healthcare personnel.

Areas involved:  Malawi (southern and central areas),  Mozambique (Maputo city, Maputo province, Gaza province, Sofala province, Quelimane province, Zambezia province), Guinea Conakry (Conakry, Fassia, Dubreka),  Tanzania (Iringa, Arusha, Masanga, Uwemba),  Congo (Kinshasa, Mbandaka), Kenya (Nairobi and Eastern Provinces)  Central African Republic (Bangui).


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