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22 - Sep - 2023

On September 22nd, an important milestone in the field of neurological telemedicine was marked with the first teleneurology course for Africa, organized in collaboration with the Italian Society of Neurology (SIN), Global Health Telemedicine (GHT), the Italian Society of Telemedicine (SIT), and DREAM Sant’Egidio.

This event represented a day of intense activity and knowledge exchange among healthcare professionals from Africa and Europe, promoting collaboration and remote education. Participation was substantial, with over 60 registrants present both physically and via video conferencing, aiming to reflect on and share experiences related to over 1000 clinical cases.

Dr. Massimo Leone (SIN) emphasized the importance of this initiative, calling it “a great innovation that brings together two worlds: the scientific and research realm and that of cooperation and solidarity, which often operate in separate compartments. This course is part of a shared vision for Africa.” It formalizes a commitment that endures over time, representing a new phase in a shared journey.

Organized by the Italian Society of Neurology at the DREAM headquarters of the Community of Sant’Egidio, this course also facilitated a unique opportunity to coordinate remote reporting activities concerning neurological diseases, particularly epilepsy. In the past, these activities were carried out in isolation, despite the high number of consultations provided for epilepsy in Africa.

Dr. Leone stressed that “the time had come to come together and discuss common initiatives to take stock of the situation and develop new ideas.” He added, “It’s a historic point. It’s the first time that the WHO has called for the development of a care plan, namely access to neurological care, primarily epilepsy, especially for developing countries. So, this is something we have been doing even before this WHO plan was made public. And it’s a journey we are undertaking in common with international institutions,” Leone concluded.


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