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14 - Dic - 2007

World AIDS Day Opening remarks and Welcome to the first session on Private Sector Leadership Thursday 11/29/07 
Good Morning and Welcome. We are very happy that you could join us today to mark the World AIDS Day. The global theme this year is "Leadership – Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise".
Ladies and gentlemen, as you very well know, the epidemic of HIV remains one of the key threats to global development in our time.
Even though we take hope in the remarkable progress in prevention and treatment, and in seeing that this is the first year in which the percentage of people living with HIV, the number of new infections, and the number of AIDS deaths have decreased, complacency is not an option.
According to the latest UNAIDS numbers, 33.2 million people are still living with HIV and in 2007, 2.5 million people became infected, and 2.1 million people died of AIDS.
I am convinced that we need to continue investing in prevention and treatment as a productive investment in human capital. But I am also convinced that no one single player in this challenging
fight against HIV/AIDS could achieve results on its own. Nor do 1 believe financing – or development aid alone – is the answer.
We, together with governments and other development partners, including the private sector and. civil society, need to join forces to find innovative ways of providing a comprehensive response to HIV/AIDS; especially for those who are victims of ignorance or of a historical event.
a comprehensive and sustainable response that recognizes that prevention, treatment and care are all critical and related elements of effective, well coordinated actions among many actors.
One of the most important ingredients to success, and not only in our fight against HIV/AI


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