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Food and Nutrition in Care and Treatment Programms in Developing Countries
Supported by the Community of St. Egidio and the World Food Programme

Date: Tuesday, 15 august, 206  –  Location: Skills Building Room 10  – Time: 18:00 – 20:00

Description / Focus:
The importance of food and nutritional support in the care and treatment of HIV/AIDS has long been acknowledged by nutritionists, dieticians, and healthcare practitioners working at the grassroots level – yet nutritional support has sadly been a neglected component of many treatment programmes. A recent consultation hosted by WHO on Nutrition and HIV/AIDS in Africa highlighted the urgent need to integrate nutrition into the essential package of care, treatment, and support for people living with HIV/AIDS.

This Satellite Meeting Session will be organized to share the experiences of different organizations who have been directly involved in implementing integrated care and treatment programmes involving food and nutritional support at the field level. Challenges as well as successful approaches for implementing this support in resource poor settings will be discussed.


Special Guest: UN Special Envoy Stephen Lewis

1) Sheila Sisulu (session moderator): Why food and nutrition are important for care and treatment in resource poor setting

2) Christine Nabiyo, TASO Uganda: Providing nutrition through home support in Uganda

3) Prof. Leonardo Palombi, Dr. Giusepe Liotta, Community of St. Egidio : ARV treatment and nutritional support: experience from the DREAM program

4) Dr. Paluku Bahwere, Valid International : Ready to use therapeutic food and community treatment of endstage AIDS in Malawi

5) Paul Farmer, Partners in Health and Harvard medical School: Rx Food: "Treating" AIDS-Associated Hunger in Rural Africa and Rural Haiti

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