HomeDREAMNation (Malawi) – Malawi can defeat AIDS
16 - Ago - 2007

By George Ntonya

It sount too good to be true but an official from Community of Sant’Egidio which is implementing HIV and AIDS projects in the country is confident that Malawi may eradicate HIV – the virus that causes AIDS – even in the absence of a known cure for the epidemie. Francisco Zuze, National Administrator of Community of Sant’Egidio says Malawi needs to have all pregnant women giving birth at a health facility so that those infected with HIV should be helped to give birth to virus free babies while at the same time urging all the people already infected not to spread the virus to others

"What I would like to emphasise is that all pregnant women should be screened for HIV and those that are infected should be helped not to pass on the virus to their babies" Zuze said…


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